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This is one of three Christian resources blogs I maintain (infrequently), the others being Christian Scholars and Christian Journals. I am conservatively evangelical, and will link only to MP3s that do not stray to far from my own convictions on the central issues of faith (with the usual disclaimer that I may not agree with everything in the MP3s listed in the entries below). I hope that this resource is helpful to some, and all feedback and suggestions are welcomed.

Friday, December 09, 2005

New MP3s - Emphasis on Church History

Grace Life Adio Downlds Phil Johnson of the )Spurgeon Archive, Grace TO You and now Pyromaniac fame) and others on topics from heresies to beattitudes, attributes of God to calvinism.

Tommy Nelson Church History An interesting series on Church History ( a personal love of mine) from Tom Nelson.

Reformation History Another history series, this time on the Reformation by Tom Browning

Christian Biographies by the excellent Michael Haykin. He covers figures such as Iraneus, Athanasius, Wesley, Whitfield, and Bonar - around a dozen in total. See also these 5 messages given by Dr Haykin at Special Meetings at Lemoyne Baptist Church

Nick Needham on Reformers Good series of lectures by Needham (who is writing an excellent accessible series on Church History - 2000 Year's of Christ's Power) on reformers such as Luther, Calvin and Knox. Some other lectures by other speakers also here also worth listening as well.

Sunday, December 04, 2005

Excellent Theology and History Lectures

For some of the best listening online, go to Biblical Training. They have started to compress the lectures by many superb sholars to MP3 format, and so far they have:

Church History I: Pentecost to Reformation (13 lectures) and Chruch History II: Reformation to Present Times (21 Lectures), both by Gerald Bray (author of the excellent books, The Doctrine of God and Creeds, Councils and Christ.

Systematic Theology (10 lectures) by Bruce Ware, author of God's Lesser Glory and God's Greater Glory, among others.

I am looking forward to the rest being formated for MP3, especially the various series by Ronald Nash.

Monday, November 28, 2005

Newest links...

Just a few more...

Peter Lewis Lewis is the pastor of Cornerstone Church in England, and writer of an excellent book entitled The Glory of Christ. This is a link to a series on Revelation that he preached (I expect we disagree a little eschatalogically, but it should be well worth listening to).

Highland Theological College A College in Scotland, with a short list of MP3 lectures and commencement addresses by the likes of Sinclair Ferguson, Iain Campbell, Eric Alexander, Philip Eveson and Nick Needham (all excellent theologicans)!

European Leadership Forum Undoubtedly onbe of the best resources I have found, with downloads on theological, cultural, apologetic and philosophical issues by some of evangelicalism's best representatives, such as D. A Carson, Ravi Zacharias, David Jackman, William Lane Craig, Daniel Strange, Bruce Winter, Peter Jensen and Darrell Bock. Superb stuff.

Third Millenium Audio Sermons A huge resource hosted by Third Mill Magazine. A long list of preachers and theologiams (such as Bruce Waltke, Richard Pratt, and even a lot of old tapes (not sure about the quality from the famous Reformed theologian - Scottish theologian! - John Murray)

That should keep us going for a while. Another post in a couple of days.

A few more sites

A few more MP3 sites to get things moving along...

Lectures of Calvinism Five lectures from C H Spurgeon and A N Martin, read by H Velez

Gheens Lectures (Southern Seminary) Lectures in MP3 format by Joseph Pearce on Tolkein and by David Petersen on Worship

Collegiate Conferences (Southern Seminary) Plenary session lectures by R Albert Mohler on the topics of Postmodernis, Sex, Why One Way and Has God Really Spoken. Other addresses available by other speakers in Real Audio format.

Tom Schreiner on Penal Substitution Other audio is available in Real Audio format here, but Schriener's is the only MP3, and worthy of a separate mention.

Gay Lectures (Southern Seminary) MP3 by D A Carson on difficult text of the Old Testament in Hebrews. Some Real Audio by Ben Witherington also available.

Mullins Lectures (Southern Seminary) 3 MP3 lectures by Ligon Duncan, on Christin life and preaching. Other Real Audio format lectures also available.

Henry Institute Forums MP3 downloads by Russell Moore, no topics covering eschatology, the Kingdom of God, counselling and Darwinism

European Leadership Forum Superb site, with materials on apologetics, culture and theology from a wide number of speakers (such as D A Carson, Henri Blocher, Darrell Bock, Peter Jensen, Daniel Strange, and Ravi Zacharias).

That should do for now...happy listening!

Sunday, November 27, 2005

About This Blog

Having recently recieved a Dell DJ MP3 player, I am starting this blog with the intention of having a single resource that links to much of the good MP3 audio available for Christians online. Unlike my other two resource blogs (Christian Scholars Directory and Christian Journals Directory), I will not include any material that does not fall within the bounds of evangelicalism (still, to be fair, a far to wide term these days), and even then, it will primarily be conservative. 100% agreement with my beliefs is not required (or else it would only be resources from me!), and there may be speakers of Arminian or Calvinist persuasion (probably mainly the latter as this is my personal persuasion), premil or postmil, and so on. However, but all will have to subscribe to the fundamentals of the Christian faith as taught in the Scriptures (see this post for a brief description of these). I hope the resources wil be helpful, and please feel free to suggest good sites. But first, a few to start with ( a couple of the mega sites):

Sermon Audio This site has a huge range of audio, and it is, to be fair, a mixed bag. But there are some gems, including Carl Trueman on John Owen, Thomas Schriener on homosexuality and other topics, Iain Murray on Historical figures and revivalism, and the wwhole Mount Olivet library, including speakers such as Jay Adams, Sinclair Ferguson, Timothy George, Douglas Kelly, A W Tozer, Robert Reymond, J I Packer, Tom Nettles and Robert Godfrey. Very impressive resource.

Sermon Index Another site with large numbers of sermons online from a variety of speakers. Not quite as imnpressive as the previous site, but some very good materials, from speakers such as Joel Beeke, J I Packer, Stephen Olford, John Piper and Francis Schaeffer.

And an interesting smaller selection.

Christian Heritage Media
Although most things here are for purchase, this page gives some interesting free lectures, such as Jay Smith on Islam, Nigel Cameron on Cloning and Gerald Bray on Justification and Sanctification.

I have many more links already to post, and will do so over the next few weeks. As always, any suggestions gratefully recieved.